Cheaper Car Insurance

Published on 18 October 2023 at 19:28

The most important things in obtaining a car insurance quote and getting the very best deal is:

Shop Around Annually:

Don’t automatically accept your renewal quote. Insurance providers often provide enticing offers for new customers, so consider switching providers each year to benefit from these deals.


Honesty is the Best Policy:

Always provide accurate information. Misrepresenting facts can lead to severe penalties.


Explore the Entire Market:

Aim to get quotes from as many car insurance providers as possible, including those not on comparison websites like Direct Line.


Time Your Quotes:

Start your quote search about 28 days before your new policy is needed. Rates tend to increase as the start date nears.


Accurate Job Title:

Select the most appropriate job title. Never falsely claim to be unemployed if you aren't.


Add a Low-Risk Second Driver:

Consider adding a secondary driver, such as a parent or spouse, who is viewed as lower risk by insurers.


Safe Parking:

Whenever feasible, park your car in a garage or driveway. Inform your insurer about this safe parking practice.


Comprehensive Cover Might Be Cheaper:

Don't assume third-party-only coverage is the least expensive. Some insurers think such policyholders are less careful. Sometimes, comprehensive policies, including fire and theft, may be priced similarly or even lower.


Estimate Mileage Accurately:

When asked for an annual mileage estimate, be accurate to avoid inflated premiums. If unsure, your previous year's MOT certificate can be a good reference.


Consider Annual Payments:

If there's a fee for monthly payments, think about paying annually. Alternatively, explore providers who don't charge extra for monthly billing.


These tips can help you find a more affordable insurance policy without compromising coverage.






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